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RV and Skoolie Inspections

You wouldn’t buy a house without doing a home inspection, so why would you purchase an RV or bus conversion? As an NRVIA (National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association) certified RV inspector for Mountain Bear RV, I’ll inspect your RV in the areas you’re most familiar with or that you’re not aware of. I’ll do a complete inspection of your RV from start to finish, from exterior to interior. I’ll also check all your systems to ensure they’re functioning properly.
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RV PDI and Personal Tours

A PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) is usually done on new or pre-owned RVs when they are purchased from the dealer. The dealer passes the cost of the PDI on to the dealer’s sales department. The service department may be charged internally. The hourly rate charged by the service department may be substantially less than the warranty rate or the customer repair rate.

General Maintenance

If you own an RV, you are aware that it needs occasional general maintenance. When the time comes to get back on the road, you can’t just leave your truck neglected in your driveway and hope for the best.

Nevertheless, there will be some general wear and tear if you use your camper frequently. Maintaining your trailer in order to ensure that it continues to function well and is prepared for any scheduled trips is a good idea.

RV Internet Consult

Consultation Services

Providing you with honest information about mobile internet or solar alternatives for RV travel so you can enjoy a mobile & connected lifestyle. Satellite, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology for nomadic travel within the United States.

Our mission is to serve as a one-stop shop for US-based travelers, including truckers, RVers, boaters, and all types of nomads, about mobile internet or solar possibilities.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis

The condition of the fluids in your RV and its accessories, especially the generators, greatly affects their performance and longevity. Your Class A, B, or C motorhome, generator, or bus conversion will all function well and last a long time if you choose Mountain Bear RV to do your thorough fluid examination. Give us your maintenance requirements, and go out on your travels with confidence.
Blu Tech R3, RV Water Filter System

Recommended Products

Our consultation procedure allows us to identify products that help you make the most out of your resources. For details around products we recommend, click the Details button below.