General Maintenance and Upgrades

To keep your RV in excellent working order and ready to go when you are, Mountain Bear RV does routine and preventive maintenance including sidewall and roof inspections and sealants, de-winterization, and winterization.

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Maintaining an RV is not difficult. Actually, it’s really easy, just requiring a little concentrated care a few times a year to keep things tidy and in working order. Monitoring these areas of your RV will help you avoid costly repairs down the road and maintain the value of your vehicle when you sell it.

Whether you plan to sell your RV someday, are constantly on the go, or just keep it parked for a time, good maintenance is a must. Maintaining the condition of your RV increases its dependability and helps it hold its worth.

RV maintenance should be done twice a year: once before every trip, regardless of how brief the journey may be, and once on a set schedule. Regular maintenance, whether it be monthly, yearly, or seasonal (paying particular attention to hot- and cold-weather care), keeps your recreational vehicle (RV) in good working order for the long haul and guarantees that, no matter the weather outside, it will be ready for every new road trip.

Roof Inspection

All roof types, whether walkable or not, are covered by our roof RV inspection. With our cutting-edge aerial drone technology, we can inspect the roof from top to bottom. This makes it possible for us to find any holes, cracks, or other possible problems that would need to be fixed. Along with inspecting all roof-mounted equipment, we will also check the sealant around vent covers, AC shrouds, trim rail, and front cap.

RV Air Conditioner

Keeping your rooftop air conditioner clean and obstruction free will improve the performance of the unit(s).

  • Inspect the overall condition of your AC unit(s).
  • Remove all objects and debris from AC unit(s) and drain holes.
  • Clean and straighten the RV AC evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Test the AC Unit(s) for 20 minutes to document temperature and amperage as determined by manufacturer specifications.

RV Winterization

Winterization of your RV or camper is an essential task to have completed annually, especially for northern climates where low temperatures will cause any water left in your system to freeze and expand damaging lines, fittings and equipment. Our RV technician will completely winterize your unit safeguarding your investment for the next camping season.

  • Blow out all water lines
  • Pump RV antifreeze into water lines
  • Empty and flush tanks
  • Drain RV water heater and pull out anode rod

RV Dewinterization

Dewinterization may seem like a simple task but our RV Dewinterization offers a big bang for your buck. Our RV technician will not only flush your water system but will perform a mini-camper inspection alerting you to any possible issues.

  • Test battery
  • Check tires
  • Verify that RV appliances work
  • Inspect RV air conditioning unit
  • Inspect LP system
  • Flush RV water lines

Checking your tires!

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Regular maintenance done correctly can be the difference between an RV fun and a disaster. Avoid allowing issues to fester and grow in importance, urgency, and expense by keeping an eye on them through regular, scheduled maintenance. Not only will you avoid unforeseen costs, but you’ll also maintain the strength and longevity of your recreational vehicle.