What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

A Pre-Delivery Inspection, also known as a PDI, is an essential step in the process of purchasing a new or used RV from a dealership. This thorough inspection is performed by the dealership’s service department and is typically passed on to the customer through the sales department. However, due to the internal nature of the charge, the service department may receive a lower hourly rate compared to other types of repairs.

Upon arrival at the dealership, new RVs often have minor issues, or damages, that occur during the manufacturing process or transportation from the manufacturer. This is why the PDI is crucial, as it allows for any defects to be identified and addressed before the customer takes ownership of the vehicle. The initial transport trip from the manufacturer to the dealership can also reveal issues such as cabinet doors, drawers, and trim moldings that may have become loose or damaged during transit.

While some defects may be easily seen during the inspection, others may require a closer look. For example, slideout seals, plumbing, and wiring may not be immediately evident without a thorough inspection. This is why it is important for the employee conducting the PDI to have a keen eye and attention to detail.

Due to the high demand for repairs at many RV dealerships, it can be challenging for them to take on additional work from other dealerships. This is why it is vital, especially when purchasing from an out-of-state dealership, to have the RV inspected before making a purchase. This will ensure that any potential issues are identified and addressed before the RV is transported to its new location. The employee conducting the PDI only has a limited window of time to complete the inspection, making it all the more crucial to have it done before the RV is purchased.

RV Walkthrough

PDI and Walkthrough Services Offered

RV PDI Attendance

To make sure there are no flaws or any operating problems, a qualified dealer technician thoroughly inspects any new or used RV before it is delivered to a customer. Before completing the last paperwork, many dealers will take the new owners through the unit to see if anything needs to be fixed. This is a trained eye to help and identify problems, not an exhaustive inspection.

New RV Orientation

It can be a little confusing to purchase a new RV, even if you’re experienced with them. To help you learn everything there is to know about your new vehicle, we provide a New RV Orientation. Your best option will be to register for this as soon as you’ve completed your purchase.

Specific Model Walkthrough and Systems Training

We’ll give you a detailed tour of your brand-new RV. We’ll also educate you on every aspect of your RV systems. For those who are unfamiliar with RVs, this is an excellent chance to learn about their particular model.
By the Lake, Glamping!

RV Orientation

Buying an RV is an exciting time and the only thing on your mind is getting it home and planning that first adventure. But how do you actually get to that adventure now that the keys are in your hand? Let one of our RV Inspector/Technician will provide a guided walk thru in a focused one on one service session, which will include:
  • RV Inspector/Technician will provide a complete walk around of RV/Camper
  • Demonstrate how to operate all interior components
  • Demonstrate proper Setup
  • RV Inspector/Technician will go over proper annual maintenance reviews
  • RV Inspector/Technician will go over “best practices” for operating and maintaining your RV